Monday, 20 June 2022

2mmSA Diamond Jubilee Exhibition, June 2022

Several FCAG members made the journey south to Derby to sample the delights of the 2mmSA Diamond Jubilee exhibition, and we were not disappointed. The standard of modelling on display was very high indeed, but the best part, of course, was the opportunity to ask direct questions of the experts with plenty of time and space for unhurried and thoughtful answers. It was also a chance to meet new people from other area groups and put faces to names. In short, a great weekend.

 Here are a few snaps to console those who for one reason or another could not be there. The uneven coverage has got more to do with my incompetence in using a camera (quite a few ended up on the darkroom floor) than my admiration for the modellers concerned.

First the Challenge layouts, in no particular order. (A prize was awarded, to Steve Nicholls' "Gakunan", but every display was fascinating). Each scene is 60cm x 9.42 inches. The descriptions are from the show programme.

Clyde (Richard Doust) Set in the Clyde shipbuilding yards in Glasgow

Callington (Chris Carlton)  The terminus of a BR(S) branch to the tin and copper mines of the Tamar valley

Line No 16 Ripple (Nick Bastable) A standard/narrow gauge line in the Kent hopfields

Golden Mile (Tom Cunnington) A modern-day 'might have' take on the Brentford branch in west London

End of the Road (Bryn Davies) The recovery of an old branch line in the 1970s 

... and it's the Milwaukee Road, before you ask.

Ale Dock (Kevin Knight) Inspired by a photograph of an ale loading dock in Burton-on-Trent

Coal Road (Rod McCall) A small part of Rod's layout Coal Road

I somehow missed taking photos of Rod's  Challenge entry, but Coal Road is featured later on.

The Coal Hole (Nick Mitchell) Part of a loco shed

Gakunan (Steve Nicholls) Japanese narrow gauge industrial railway near Mount Fuji

Port Jubilee (Anthony Yeates) A rail-served pier somewhere on the Scottish coast

Merchant Bridge (ex programme, so I don't know who to credit)

Then there were the invited layouts - again in no particular order.

Evercreech Junction (Alan Smith and Keith Gloster)

British Oak (Mark Fielder). Unfortunately I messed up most of the photos I took by incompetence :-(

Coal Road (Rod McCall)

Ivybridge (John Aldrick) (Nigel Ashton)

Moretonhampstead (Pete Warren)

Copenhagen Fields (Model Railway Club)

Freshwater (Ian Morgan).

A mantelpiece clock??? In 2mm scale ??? Oh come on ...

St Ruth (Midlands 2mm group)

Fencehouses (Bob Jones and team)

Wadebridge and Padstow (John Greenwood)

Very many thanks to the exhibitors, stewards, organisers, and the hotel staff.

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  1. great set of photos of a excellent weekend