Saturday, 11 January 2020

January 2020 meeting

Alisdair, Alistair, Andy, Graham, Stephen, Jim, and Chris meet at Simon's house for our first meeting of the new decade. The rain poured down outside but this was rapidly forgotten as we got down to another snagging session on Sauchenford. The support structure and layout erection went more smoothly than usual, and the afternoon was spent shunting and learning the position of the uncouplers.

Stephen had brought along a natty transparent spirit-level, a tip he'd picked up at the Scalefour skills session day we attended last year. He got his on eBay; they also seem to be stocked by Homebase for twelve quid. A handy tool which made levelling the layout much faster.

Jim's Jubilee pug now has wheels and ran smoothly on the layout.  A nice-looking engine which justifies the blood, sweat and tears related in his RMWeb chronicle. The driver seems to have burned the smokebox and will no doubt have his pay docked as a result. Will it have paint and couplings in time for Model Rail Scotland?

Simon continues to make progress on his Glenfinnan project, advancing with turnout construction and painting his Foxhunter LNER fish van bodies first with grey primer then with matt bauxite.

And that was it. Thanks to Simon once more for copious amounts of bacon rolls, tea, coffee and panettone (a bit fancy, but that's Shawlands for you). A few more working sessions are planned at Simon's, panettone or not, before Sauchenford's swan song at Model Rail Scotland on 21-23 February.