Sunday, 3 July 2016

July 2016 meeting

For a change, our July meeting consisted of a day at the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway and the adjacent Museum of Scottish Railways. Here we are (except Jim, who couldn't make it) in full anorak mode - well it's the height of the Scottish summer after all - at Manuel in front of Austerity tank 68007, which has just slogged up the grade from Bo'ness with four Mark 1 coaches.

My first visit to the SRPS was at their Falkirk depot in 1967. Seems astonishing it was almost 50 years ago! Anyway we had an excellent day out, including a fruitful visit to the SLOG second-hand bookshop and to the café. An unexpected bonus for me was finding D49 class 62712 "Morayshire" in the museum, fairly recently arrived.

We heard a rumour she's off for a full overhaul shortly. As it happens I have just acquired a long-sought-after example of the D49 etched kit which Edward Sissling brought out around 10 years ago. Now all I need are the skills to build it. I have the nasty feeling Morayshire's full overhaul will be completed long before my kit leaves its box!

All in all, highly recommended.