Saturday, 8 June 2019

June 2019: 2mmSA Expo, Tutbury

Three FCAG members - Stephen, Alisdair and Graham - made the trip south to Tutbury in the English Midlands to sample the delights of the 2mmSA Expo. The trip was well worthwhile and there was plenty inspiration on display. Here are a few random snaps.

Bryn Davies' Colwyn Bay Goods: a Clayton seems to have escaped to Wales ... but to be fair most of the shunting was with more conventional motive power.

Angus Higgins' Glencruitten. I haven't captured the colours very well - the contrast of the sky, grass, and camouflaged hangar is striking, and very satisfying.

Ian Smeeton's Paisley St. James: a web of steel (or rather, nickel-silver)

The Kent and Essex Area Group's Lighterman's Yard, impressive as always.

Pete Matcham's Kyle of Lochalsh: I think this is the first time I've seen it "in the flesh". I managed to catch it when there were no trains, just as the prototype usually appears:

and his new concept display for Meeth:

I forgot to capture the other concept display for Loch Awe. Everything executed with great style and precision.

Anthony Yeates' Corrieshalloch, which gets better every time I see it. A Peter Drummond Banking Tank (oops - I missed a photo), and a variety of coaching stock including a Jones coupé-ended coach and an HR brake van, all from Anthony's own etches, were on display.

Steve Nichols' Parkend. A lovely layout which also ran beautifully.

There were demos a-plenty: Andy Carlson's Arduino-controlled shunting tractor and concept for Hayle North Quay:

Keith Armes' track-building: Keith was also showing a small layout:

David Eveleigh's coach-painting:

Nick Mitchell's stay-alive DCC:

Edward Sissling's wheel-turning:

and trade support from Nick Tilston's N Brass

and Allen Doherty's Worsley Works. Allen showed me how to use inexpensive garden secateurs - Kent and Stowe 6mm pruning shears, available on eBay for less than £10 - as metal shears to cut sheet brass to precise size without distortion. The trick is to cut only with the part of the shears from the pivot to half-way along the blades, then move the blades for the next cut, rather than cutting right to the end of the blades; and to take a rough cut wide of your scribed guide line which will leave a twisted edge before trimming to the guide line with a final exact cut by shearing off a thin strip; all the curl goes into the thin waste part leaving an undistorted model part. Easy when you know how! Thanks Allen.

A very nice day out, just the thing to take the mind off the weather! Thanks very much to organiser John Aldrick, to all the exhibitors, demonstrators and traders, and to the 2mm shopkeepers who lightened all our wallets with their usual aplomb.


  1. thanks for the pictures the cutting tip is invaluable

  2. It was good to meet the "raiders from the north" at Tutbury and I'm glad the show was worth the effort for you.
    Thanks for posting the flattering photos, I just hope my wife can't enlarge the picture with my shopping list hanging out of my back pocket.....