Sunday, 21 May 2017

May awayday

We don't get out much in the FCAG, so when we heard the 2mmSA was combining the 2017 Expo with the North East Area Group's 35th birthday party, we licked our lips. Not only because of the prospect of a whole day's drooling over other people's models, but because of the catering.

First there was lunch: four choices of main course, three sittings of half an hour each, twenty minutes for your main course and ten minutes for dessert, then off you go lads, we need your seats, carry your plates through to the kitchen please:

Then we had to wait around another hour or two, filling in time by looking at some model railways which some thoughtful gents had brought along with them, before the Light Tea:

The Light Tea, according to the Expo publicity, is "not what would normally be provided at NEAG meetings". Presumably they get the full, unabridged Heavy Tea when there are no outsiders there to watch. No wonder they only meet every two months, they must need that much time to work off the extra calories. By fair means or foul, we FCAG visitors were at the front of the Tea queue at 15:30 sharp, and thus were able to bag the best seats for our Group Photo.

Alisdair spoiled the atmosphere of the day out a wee bit, by actually bringing a model with him - namely, the Jumbo reported on in the previous two months' blogs. The chimney question has been settled: a stovepipe: and for good measure, one of these squat Fowler domes. Rumours that he is doing this purely to wind up Jim Watt are surely untrue. Alisdair is now intensively studying heavy weathering, since the model is to be of a Jumbo in its final days towards class extinction in 1962.

It also has a well-detailed boiler backhead.

As for the layouts provided for entertainment between Lunch and the Light Tea, there was much to look at and learn. I've posted a few photos here. Our thanks to Mick and friends for a very nice day out.

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